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Pfizer Health Monitor

Knowledge about antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance.

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Pfizer Health Monitor "Knowledge about antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance"

The goal of the Pfizer Health Monitor "Knowledge about antibiotics and antimicrobial resistance" aimed at gathering investigating the proportion and composition of knowledge regarding antibiotics in the German population. A knowledge test formed the core of the survey. Within this project, the Institute for Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Science of the Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin was the scientific partner concerning consultation and execution. The survey itself was conducted by an opinion research institute (GIM - Gesellschaft für innovative Marktforschung), financed and initiated by Pfizer Deutschland GmbH. The Pfizer Health Monitor "Knowledge about antibiotics and antibiotic resistance" was a survey of the German-speaking community-dwelling population from 35 years to old age. A total of 2,000 participants were interviewed. The survey was conducted in the Berlin-Brandenburg region by trained interviewers and consisted of a central module "Antibiotics knowledge". In addition, relevant demographic, health and psychological factors have been surveyed that allow context of antibiotic knowledge to be contextualized.