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Homecare in the future: flexible and nearby

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Any kind of support for people in need of care from a distance, a family relationship is not required, is referred to as distance caregiving. Little is known about this for Germany. Distance caregiving is a topic that raises questions about inter- and intragenerational solidarity, quality of life, social support, and the compatibility of work, family, and care activities, taking into account technical support systems.


The Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF) is funding the ROAD project. The project’s primary goal is to develop a model for distance caregiving that includes recommendations for all actors (distance caregiver, care receivers, professional and informal local networks, and technology providers) on the defined organization of the care arrangement. To achieve this objective, we focus on three research questions:

  1. What are the actors’ demands (including attitudes, preferences, needs) on the distance caregiving arrangement?
  2. What enables the distance caregiving arrangement to function reliably to ensure autonomy and safety for all actors?
  3. What recommendation can we make for sustainable translation of the research findings on distance caregiving?

To answer these research questions, we will carry out a qualitative study with a multi-method design (non-interventional) that includes guided and expert interviews, participant observations, and the evaluation of explanatory films. Thus, this method design follows a participatory approach. We will then analyze the data by phenomenological analysis according to Mayring and triangulate it afterwards. The result of the ROAD project will be the final model in writing and in the form of an explanatory film.

Project Duration

2021 – 2024


Federal Ministry of Education and Science (BMBF, Ref.-no. 01GY2006)

Principal Investigator

Project Members

Sabrina Blomeier-Schaffran

Study Nurse in project "ROAD"