Doctoral Colloquium

The Doctoral Colloquium of the Institute for Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Science (IMSR) is a forum for doctoral students.

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Content and learning objectives

In the doctoral colloquium, participants can introduce and discuss content-related, methodological and organisational aspects relating to their doctoral projects. The focus is on research questions of medical sociology and rehabilitation science, including topics of ageing research and health services research.

The aim is to promote the interdisciplinary exchange among doctoral students and to consolidate and expand scientific and methodological competencies.

Venue and time

Venue: Charité Campus Mitte
Institute of Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Science
Virchowweg 22

Time:    Usually on the first Monday of the month at 9 a.m.

Note:    The Doctoral Colloquium will be held in German!

Doctorate Environment: Requirements to earn credit points

  • Active participation in at least 5 sessions of approx. 90 minutes each
  • Preparation of each colloquium according to the agenda sent out in advance (e.g. self-study of a scientific article)
  • An oral presentation of the participant shall be given at least once per 5 sessions:

    1. of your own doctoral project or
    2. of a methodologically relevant or a content-related scientific article or
    3. of a data collection or analysis method (qualitative or quantitative).

For the active participation in 5 sessions 1 ECTS-CP will be awarded.

The Doctoral Colloquium is certified by the Office for Doctoral Studies for the following categories within the Doctorate Environment:

  • Basiscurriculum ST (PO-2017/11)
  • Wahlbereich I ST (PO-2017/11)
  • Basiscurriculum AT (PO-2017/11)
  • Forschungsmethodik AT (PO-2017/11)
  • Wissenschaftliche Weiterbildung / Wissenschaftskommunikation AT (PO-2017/11)


For external participants, prior registration by e-mail is required. A regular participation is desired.