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Medical and nursing care research

Research interests:

  • Diversity and immigrationpatient
  • navigation
  • lifequality
  • Stroke and emergency
  • careOutpatient and inpatient care

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Health Services Research

The goal of health services research is to analyse and optimise everyday health care in a patient-centred manner. For this purpose, causes and effects of structures and processes of medical and nursing care are examined. For example, it is of interest how the quality of care or the cooperation between the various health professions influences patients’ recovery processes. On this basis, new care concepts are developed whose implementation and effectiveness are scientifically monitored and tested. Care inequalities and care provision for certain (disadvantaged) social groups are analysed, with a particular focus on migration.

Health services research at the Institute of Medical Sociology and Rehabilitation Science focuses on various care situations such as the emergency department, the hospital and in-patient care facilities, but also cross-sector care pathways, with a particular focus on post-stroke patients and those with cancer or a neck of femur fracture.