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Acute Medical Care for Hearing Impaired Persons

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The aim of the study is to examine the acute medical care of deaf and hearing-impaired individuals. The employed online survey is exploratory, meaning that the goal is to conduct a needs analysis of the current situation with a particular focus on digital technologies to enhance the care of the target population. This survey aims to identify gaps in the acute medical care of the hearing-impaired and assess satisfaction with the current situation. To establish an alternative form of education through video-based technology, a needs analysis must be conducted. It needs to be explored whether the deaf community would accept such technology as support.

The exploratory research questions of the study are as follows:

1) How is education currently provided for the hearing-impaired in acute medical situations?

2) How do the hearing-impaired currently perceive/experience acute medical care/education?

3) Are there disadvantages for the hearing-impaired in education due to the current care situation?

4) Can the hearing-impaired envision digital alternatives for education in acute situations?

Principal Investigator

Project Members

Julia Rannefeld

PhD student of medicine

Project Duration

01.08.2021 - 31.01.2023