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Guideline adherence in post-stroke treatment (CoreNAVI)

The project is part of the NAVICARE research network. We aim to investigate treatment pathways of patients after stroke in Berlin.

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The mission of the “NAVICARE” network is to seek fundamental knowledge about the barriers that prevent patients from receiving optimal health care and to develop and systematically study effective, patient-centred ways to overcome these barriers. Scientific aim of work package 4 (WP4 as part of research project 1 (CoreNavi)) is to identify stroke patients who are at risk for not receiving optimal health care according to selected indicators. In a first step we will identify suitable indicators within medical and therapeutical stroke guidelines which could be reviewed by claims data. Second we analyse the claims data to show optimal and less optimal treatment paths for stroke patients. Third we will identify vulnerable patient populations that are at risk of receiving suboptimal treatment within the existing health system based on the project’s definition of optimal care. Finally we participate in developing a core patient navigation programme - a patient-centred, individualised health care delivery programme - based upon similar programmes in other countries.