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Oncological Social Care Project of the BKK (OSCAR)

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Oncological Social Care Project of the BKK (OSCAR) OSCAR

The project OSCAR includes evaluation of the new and innovative form of health care within the “Oncological Social Care Project of the BKK” (OSCAR). Social Care Nurses support the participants for a period of one year and should identify and manage deficits in the health care utilization based on structured interviews. The evaluation is a central prerequisite for proving the transferability of the new form of health care in the standard care or rather to identify indications for structural changes in the health care system. The evaluation is a non-randomized, controlled, multi-center study and includes: 1. analysis of patient surveys, 2. analysis of secondary data from the statutory health insurances and 3. qualitative analysis of the experiences from the Social Care Nurses. The primary aim of this study is to analyse changes in the doctor-patient communication, the health literacy, participation and the quality of life in the participating patients. The secondary aim is to analyse the effects caused by participants in the program OSCAR (e.g. health care utilization, costs).