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Participation by Sociocultural Opening?

The focus is on the extent to which a migrant background influences processes and structures in the institutions and to what extent an intercultural opening can promote the participation of (post-) migrants.

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This project focuses two levels of sociocultural diversity with relevance to integration, which are reciprocally related to one another: 1) working conditions of (post-) migrant healthcare professionals, and 2) healthcare provision for (post-) migrant patients. Based on case studies in four hospitals and four outpatient-nursing services in Berlin and North Rhine Westphalia, it analyzes the relation between migration and institutional change. In two of the organizations a cultural sensitive intervention will be developed, implemented, and evaluated. This study combines qualitative (document analyzes, participatory observation, group discussion, expert interview) and quantitative methods (online and personal questioning) in a mixed methods design. According to the research perspective, the interviews will include both patients and professionals with and without migration experience (physicians, nursing specialists, management, and administration). There are three dimensions that structure the comparative analysis of the case studies: between 1) two sectors (hospital – nursing service), 2) two regions (Berlin – NRW), and 3) organizations with varying extends of Intercultural Opening. The aim is to develop insights about synergy effects, which (may) arise out of the involvement of (post-) migrant specialists and healthcare for (post-) migrant population. These will be transformed into guidelines for integration.